Thick thread ornamental stitch sewing machine for decorative seam on leather

dot  Thick thread upholstery sewing machine for topstitching sofas and car seat covers

dot  Automated spiral sewing machine for stitching buffing wheels (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty programmable sewing machine for cargo lashing straps (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty automatic sewing machine for stitching shoe sole (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Post bed double needle sewing machine for thick thread decorative stitches on leather)

dot  Large area automatic pattern sewing machine for extra heavy duty synthetic slings and straps)

dot  Extra-large sized automatic industrial sewing machine for lifting slings and lashing straps)

dot  Thick rubber strap sewing machine and automatic rubber rope sewing machine

dot  Large field CNC-controlled pattern stitcher for bullet proof vest and military webbing straps

Double needle specialized industrial sewing station for thick rubber sheet or rubber strap

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DA205-370RS is double needle sewing station for stitching 15 mm rubber sheet used in the production of tire tread.

Perhaps you have seen machine stitching 15 mm of plywood in some furniture manufacturer, but can you imagine the toughness of rubber sheet or rubber strap? It is the real challenge to stitch 15 mm thick rubber sheet, without thread burning and needle breakage.

Perhaps you find a single needle industrial sewing equipment to stitch 15 mm rubber strap, but can you imagine sew tough rubber by double needle sewing machine?

From single needle to twin needle, means 2 times of production efficiency and 50% labor cost, can you imagine that?

That's what we do for our clients!

The advantages:

(1) Double needle sewing station bring 2 times sewing efficiency and 50% labor saving.

(2) Perfect synchronization between the 2 single needle sewing machines and top & bottom feed puller.

(3) Compound walking-foot (alternating presser feet + needle feed + feed dog) and puller feed to help feed thick, tough, elastic or slip materials with constant stitch quality.

(4) Large shuttle hook & bobbin capacity reduce bobbin change and offer high efficiency.

(5) Flexible solution: various quick change calmps (sewing frames) can be custom made, easily switch production for tactical vests,body armor, lifting slings and fall arrest system.

(6) This working station is capable of sewing various thick and tough materials such as Rubber, hard leather, Wood, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Kevlar, Vinyl and Canvas.

(7) Computerized, very easy to operate!

Also we custom made heavy duty bar tacking machine for stitching rubber ropes used in safety equipment. The challenge to stitch this type rope is the extremely toughness of rubber. We have special technology for sewing 10-16mm (diameter) tough rubber ropes without skipped stitch and thread break.

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Large cargo parachutes consist of ribbon type canopies that must be sewn using four needle lockstitch machines. With same technology, we can develop sewing workstation using two fully synchronized large bobbin double needle sewing machines, that allows for the use of wider webbing, increasing the strength of the parachute, while significantly reducing the fabrication time. This four needle lockstitch sewing machine is used extensively in the manufacture of parachutes, products constructed with banding and similar items.

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