Thick thread ornamental stitch sewing machine for decorative seam on leather

dot  Thick thread upholstery sewing machine for topstitching sofas and car seat covers

dot  Automated spiral sewing machine for stitching buffing wheels (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty programmable sewing machine for cargo lashing straps (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty automatic sewing machine for stitching shoe sole (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Post bed double needle sewing machine for thick thread decorative stitches on leather)

dot  Large area automatic pattern sewing machine for extra heavy duty synthetic slings and straps)

dot  Extra-large sized automatic industrial sewing machine for lifting slings and lashing straps)

dot  Thick rubber strap sewing machine and automatic rubber rope sewing machine

dot  Large field CNC-controlled pattern stitcher for bullet proof vest and military webbing straps

Automated sewing machine for stitching shoes sole (1 worker manage 2 machines for saving labor)

7273CNC-S2S custom made automatic shoes soles stitching machine is designed for the sewing production of shoes sole made in layers of clothes, cottons, leather, rubber, and other fabrics. The closed-loop control system ensures consistent production output quality from different thickness of soles. Tailor-made clamp guarantees precise stitch formation.

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The conventional industrial sewing machines for shoes sole (manual type) have below problems:

(1) The line distance (sewing pattern) controlled by hand, it is impossible to get uniform stitch formation, poor appearance quality

(2) The stitch information is not tighten, low seam strength

(3) Require skilled worker with rising salary

The advantage of 7273CNC-S2S Sewing automation for stitching shoes sole:

(1) One worker can operate 2 sewing unit, a great labor saving machine

(2) Constant tighten stitch formation, both seam strength and perfect appearance can be guarantee

(3) Lasting investment value

In China the average wage for skilled worker is about $10,000.00 USD. One worker can manage two custom made industrial sewing machine at same time. Two 7273CNC-S2S automatic shoe sole stitching machines can save $10,000.00 USD every year!!

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