Thick thread ornamental stitch sewing machine for decorative seam on leather

dot  Thick thread upholstery sewing machine for topstitching sofas and car seat covers

dot  Automated spiral sewing machine for stitching buffing wheels (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty programmable sewing machine for cargo lashing straps (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty automatic sewing machine for stitching shoe sole (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Post bed double needle sewing machine for thick thread decorative stitches on leather)

dot  Large area automatic pattern sewing machine for extra heavy duty synthetic slings and straps)

dot  Extra-large sized automatic industrial sewing machine for lifting slings and lashing straps)

dot  Thick rubber strap sewing machine and automatic rubber rope sewing machine

dot  Large field CNC-controlled pattern stitcher for bullet proof vest and military webbing straps

dot  Large area automatic programmable pattern sewing machine for heavy duty weight belt

dot  Double needle reflective safety vests sewing machine (Tape Attaching Machine)

HighTex 7842P Direct drive, double needle, needle feed industrial sewing machine with built-in puller feed, large needle gauge set (46mm) and tape attaching device. It is the specialized sewing machine for the sewing production of high-visibility puffers and reflective vests.

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The advantages:

1. Synchronous feeding of needle bar + feed dog + puller to prevent fabric slip;
2. Large needle gauge set (46mm);
3. Strong tape attaching guide;
4. The machine is adaptable to a broader range of sewing materials;
5. The opener achieves a silent operating environment which has never been obtained by the conventional ones;
6. The machine will adapt itself to the circumstance and enables easy sewing. Such as when sewing heavy materials and materials with joints, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increase the penetration force.

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