Thick thread ornamental stitch sewing machine for decorative seam on leather

dot  Thick thread upholstery sewing machine for topstitching sofas and car seat covers

dot  Automated spiral sewing machine for stitching buffing wheels (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty programmable sewing machine for cargo lashing straps (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Heavy duty automatic sewing machine for stitching shoe sole (1 worker -- 2 machines)

dot  Post bed double needle sewing machine for thick thread decorative stitches on leather)

dot  Large area automatic pattern sewing machine for extra heavy duty synthetic slings and straps)

dot  Extra-large sized automatic industrial sewing machine for lifting slings and lashing straps)

dot  Thick rubber strap sewing machine and automatic rubber rope sewing machine

dot  Large field CNC-controlled pattern stitcher for bullet proof vest and military webbing straps

Automated spiral sewing machine for stitching buffing wheels (1 worker manage 2 machines at same time)

The market environment of buffing and polishing wheel manufacturers is getting worse, because the industry profit margin is extremely low. So the rising labor cost became their greatest concern. Hightex 204-370 BP (CowBoy 7204BP) have been custom made under this background.

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7204BP is an custom made industrial sewing machine for manufacturing sewn buffing wheels and polishing wheels made in cotton, sisal, flannel and Denim.

According to Chinese average salary for skilled worker, save one worker can save $10,000.00 USD every year! One worker can manage two 7204BP automatic sewing units at same time. Compare to conventional industrial sewing machines used in buffs manufacturing industry, our automatic sewing solution can replace 2 workers and save $10,000.00 USD per year!!

The main advantages of 7204BP automatic buffing and polishing wheels ewing machine:

(1) Machines automatically stop when bobbin (spool) thread runs out or finish sewing task;

(2) Semi-Automatic Sewing Design, one worker can manage 2 units at same time;

(3) Needle can very close to center of buffing wheel, no un-sewn area (un-stitched) area at middle of wheel, thus no need to second sewing operation manually;

(4) The large shuttle hook reduces the number of bobbin changes;

(5) Extended arm sewing machine is available for stitching super large buffing wheel (up to 63" diameter);

(6) Durable and robust construction, lasting investment value.

This automatic spiral sewing (circle sewing)device can work with different industrial sewing machines, according to different thickness of buffing and polish wheel. Below list the popular models:

7243BP/4500BP ideal for 1 / 5 "to 1/2" thickness of buffing and polish wheel

7373BP: ideal for 1 / 2 "to 3/4" thickness of buffing and polish wheel

734BP: ideal for 3/4" "to 1" thickness of buffing and polish wheel

733BP: ideal for 5/6 "to 1-1/5" thickness of buffing and polish wheel

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