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A leading brand of heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine manufacturer in today market, HighTex heavy duty automatic cargo ratchet strap cutting and sewing machines have been widely using by worldwide cargo strap manufacturers in Europe, North Americas, South Americas and Asia.

MLK500-2516ECO The best selling universal sewing machine for cargo lashing belts and rachet straps, the advantage is LOWER COST & FLEXIBILITY (can stitch all sizes of cargo straps), ideal for stitching 3 ply synthetic webbing with 2 mm of each (total thickness no more than 7 mm)

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MLK500-2516 Specialized automatic sewing machine for the manufacturer of cargo lashing strap & ratchet tie down. The advantage is TWO WORKERS CAN OPERATE 3 MACHINES AT SAME TIME, GREAT FOR REDUCING LABOR COSTS. Also better for attaching label to custom tie down straps & custom ratchet straps with company name

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MLK500-3020N Automatic programmable pattern sewing machine with large clearance room behind needle and webbing positioning fixture for the manufacturer of heavy duty webbing cargo nets. The large space behind needle facilitates the easy and comfortable manipulation of work during sewing large size web cargo nets.

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72600PLK Automated programmable pattern sewing machine for the manufacturers premium heavy duty ratchet straps, ideal for stitching 2-4 ply synthetic webbing with 3.5 mm of each (total thickness no more than 14 mm)

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7273CNC/X Automatic ratchet lashing straps sewing machine (2 automated sewing machines can be run by a single operator, greatly reducing labor costs )

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HighTex 828AM Heavy duty webbing point-marking cutter (heat cutter with marking)

828AM Heavy duty webbing point-marking cutter is an extra strong heat cutter and point marker for webbing straps. This affordable hot knife cutting and marking machine can automatically cut, seal and mark the positoin for subsequent sewing of height safety harness, seat belts, Ratchet straps / tie down straps, webbing lifting slings and military straps.

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828SMC Heavy duty hot knife webbing cutting machine with marker (point marking) which can automatically mark the positoin for subsequent sewing of Ratchet straps and tie down straps

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828G Automatic strapping machine (automatic tying machine or automatic banding machine) for packing finish cargo lashing strap

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828-UV60-WPS Fully automated webbing cutting, measuring, winding and packing machine for the manufacturers of lashing straps

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automatic length cutting and winding machine

Best thread for sewing ratchet straps and lashing belts

HigTex P40 heavy duty UV treated sewing thread is a bonded polyester sewing thread, designed for applications exposed to the sun, salt water, wind, marine conditions and anywhere that can be tough on threads. It is one of the most strongest thread for safety and durable seams in the manufacturing of outdoor products and webbing products, such as lifting & rigging slings, cargo lashing belts & ratchet tie down straps, climbing rope & rescue rope, height safety harness & fall protection equipment, sailmaking, parachutes, tents, awnings, covers and military gear.

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Which automatic sewing machine is best for ratchet straps?

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