Best thread for sewing cargo webbing & harness webbing

HigTex P40 heavy duty UV treated sewing thread is a bonded polyester sewing thread, designed for applications exposed to the sun, salt water, wind, marine conditions and anywhere that can be tough on threads. It is one of the most strongest thread for safety and durable seams in the manufacturing of outdoor products and webbing products, such as lifting & rigging slings, cargo lashing belts & ratchet tie down straps, climbing rope & rescue rope, height safety harness & fall protection equipment, sailmaking, parachutes, tents, awnings, covers and military gear. The advantages of bonded thread:

1. Bonded thread is slightly stiff and cuts very cleanly, making needle threading easy;
2. Bonded thread has a smooth, uniform surface for consistency in stitch formation;
3. Plies are picked up as a group by the hook for good loop formation;
4. Higher sewing speeds are possible with a protective layer formed by the bond between the thread and the sewing machine contact surfaces;
5. Bonded polyester helps prevent thread from fraying;
6. Additional thread properties like added UV protection and non-wicking can be added in the bonded thread manufacturing step.

HighTex P40 high strength bonded polyester thread features at affordable price and will greatly improve your sewing efficiency.


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