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Where to buy HighTex heavy duty automatic programmable pattern sewing machines,CowBoy heavy duty industrial sewing machines and cutting equipment in Turkey?

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Manufacturing businesses faces constantly changing fashion trends. Manufacturers have to be extremely flexible and able to put new ideas into practice without delay. The flexible sewing technology of the CowBoy (Hightex) machines help them to meet these requirements. If the existing standards are not sufficient, individual solutions are worked out together with the customers.


A key advantage for our company is professional experience in the field of heavy materials and thick thread. We are clear that our success depends on the success of our clients. We know that each company has its specific needs,so we work with personalized solutions, seeking to identify and meet the demand of each client. It is in this way that HighTex has earned the trust of important companies.


Reliability is the key to success! It is what underpins your reputation and keeps your customers coming back. HighTex was founded as a company that places quality over quantity. We concentrate almost exclusively on heavy duty cutting and sewing equipment, delivering top quality machines every time.
True to our founding principles, we are committed to delivering a high degree of excellence in all areas of our business endeavors.


At HighTex we believe in the age old adage, "Honesty is the Best Policy". To uphold our pledge to honesty, we have the courage to ask for help and feedback when needed, are realistic about what we can and cannot do and are honest to clients, colleagues and ourselves. We place honesty at the foundation of all we do and it is the basis from where we build our relationships.


We are dedicated to building and maintaining loyal relationships with our external customers and internal colleagues. At HighTex we strive to be a loyal ambassador for our clients and candidates, work in a collaborative and cooperative manner, and treat others in a manner that we would wish to be treated. Ultimately we aren’t just building a company, we’re building a family. To that end we will always be loyal to one another and to our clients.

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