dot  Leather crafts & saddlery sewing machine

dot  Heavy zigzag sail making sewing machine

dot  FIBC making and Big Bag sewing machine

dot  Lifting slings cutting and sewing machines

dot  Climbing ropes and cords sewing machine

dot  Automated sewing units for military gears

dot  Thick thread leather sofa sewing machine

dot  Sewing machine for making leather bags

dot  Car upholstery decorative stitching machine

dot  Height safety harness sewing machines

dot  Lashing strap cutting & sewing machines

dot  Tents, parachutes & inflatables equipment

dot  Leather belts manufacturing machines

dot  Machine for sewing dog collars & leashes

dot  Specialized machine for other heavy fabrics

We offer a complete line of heavy duty industrial cutting and sewing machine for custom making dog collars, leashes & harnesses at best price.

These highly specialized pet leashes sewing machines have been developed taking into consideration the requirements of manufacturers of dog collars, leashes & harnesses, that could reduce dependence on skilled workers. In addition, the quality of the seams will be controlled by computer or special device, so you can reduce the cost of the final product, improve the quality and increase the production speed. These measures will allow us to successfully compete with other manufacturers - both European and Eastern (China), offering our customers high quality products at low prices.

HighTex 430HM High speed automatic bar tacking sewing machine for custom dog collars, leashes & harnesses, made of rope and webbing:

This heavy duty bar tacking sewing machine is an excellent choice for those persons seeking a technologically advanced sewing machine for sewing rope dog leash, dog collars, leashes and harnesses.
Note: this rope dog leash sewing machine cannot work for manufacturer of climbing ropes and safety harness.

Video for sewing rope dog leash

Video for sewing dog collars harness

BAS-311G Programmable pattern sewing machine for personalized dog collars & leashes

With 130x100mm embroidery area, ideal for creating custom dog collars, harnesses & leashes with by decorative stitch.

Click here for watching video

71008R Heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine for stitching 6-18mm large dog rope leash

This heavy duty bar-tacking sewing machine is design for joining 6-18mm safety and rescue ropes, sometimes also used by professional manufacturer of rope leash for large dogs.

Click here for video on YouTube

9266R Affordable heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for rope end bar-tacking operation (rope splicing) in the manufacturing of large dog rope leash

This lower cost heavy duty zigzag sewing machine is a great sewing solution for the manufacturer of large dog collars, leashes & harnesses. It can create bartack stitch (tight zig-zag stitch) on up to 12mm rope leash for large dogs, also can use as straight stitch sewing machine, for stitching heavy duty strong dog collars and harnesses.

CB227R The best affordable walking foot custom dog collars and leashes:

Cowboy industrial sewing machines are built to exacting standards and are capable of sewing real leather, as well as cloth, webbing, bioplastic and other materials, ideal for stitching small pet harnesses, leashes and collars, concealed gun holsters, nylon webbing tow ropes, rifle slings, and even for installing zippers.

Click here for video

CB341 Medium weight walking foot cylinder arm sewing machine for custom dog collars and leashes:

The build quality and efficiency in operation of the 341 is very refined, which translates into and excellent running machine with incredible durability and efficient operation.

Click here for video

CB3500 The lowest cost heavy duty walking foot machine for big dog collars and leashes

We are pleased to introduce the latest model in the cowboy sewing machines lineup --the CowBoy model CB-3500 compound feed walking foot leather stitcher. This machine is the lowest cost heavy duty compound feed big dog collars and leashes sewing machine offered in the market today.

Click here for watching video

CB4500 Best selling heavy duty leather sewing machine for custom large dog collars and leashes:

This walking foot cylinder bed sewing machine features in 23mm high presser foot lift and large Barrel shuttle hook, great for stitching big dog collars, harnesses and leashes made of webbing or leather.

Click here for video

828B The best automatic hot knife webbing cutting machine for large manufacturer of dog collars, harnesses & leashes
This heavy duty hot cutting machine make a revolution in your production of collars, harnesses & leashes for large dogs. It can automatically measuring, cutting, sealing and counting thick webbing and rope upto 16mm, extremely high efficiency.

Click here for video

CB8116 Hand crank leather splitting machine for leather dog collars, leashes & harnesses

Click here for watching video

CB806 Craftool leather splitter for doing a multitude of leather splitting operations around the dog collars & leashes workshop

Click here for watching video

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