Quick Selection Guide

Below Quick Selection Guide was designed to help you select the machines you need to achieve your goals

dot  Automatic sewing machine for heavy duty lifting slings and straps

  Automatic pattern sewing machine for Ratchet Lashing Straps

dot  Automatic rope sewing machine to make sewn eyes on climbing ropes and cordage

dot  Heavy duty pattern stitcher for safety harness and fall protection equipment

dot  Sewing automation for bulletproof vest and military tactical gear

dot  Large area programmable sewing machine for leather goods & upholstery

dot  Programmable ornamental stitching machine for upholstered furniture and shoes

dot  Wide area automatic sewing machine to attach belt on FIBC Big-Bag

dot  Custom sewing automation for other heavy weight applications

7273CNC-S2S Automated sewing machine for stitching shoes sole (1 worker manage 2 machines for saving labor)

Features: Long sewing cycles by barrel shuttle with large bobbin capacity, even sewing with extremely thick thread; The specialized sewing automation improves quality, lowers production time and reduces operator involvement. In many cases it is possible to run 2 automated sewing units with only one person, great for saving labor cost; Excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitches; Low in maintenance due to its automatic lubrication systems.

Applications: shoes sole made in layers of clothes, cottons, leather, rubber, and other fabrics.

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Max. Speed 

Presser lift

Stitch length  

Hook type


Sewing area





Large barrel shuttle

DY x 3 #180-250


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