Improve your manufacturing in India

The Specialist for Heavy Duty Automatic Sewing Machine and Cutting Machines in India

Over 20 years combined experience in the heavy duty sewing applications (non-apparel), such as:
the production of saddlery, leather sofas & armchair, car upholstery, leather goods, climbing ropes,
cargo lashing belts, heavy weight lifting slings, fall protection safety harness and military equipment.

Please select your product:

  Heavy cylinder bed leather sewing machines in India

dot  Heavy duty flat bed industrial sewing machines India

dot  Heavy duty zigzag industrial sewing machine in India

dot  Heavy duty long arm industrial sewing machine India

dot  Thick thread decorative seam sewing machine India

dot  Heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machines India

dot  Heavy duty automatic webbing cutting machine India

dot  Leathercraft tools & leather working equipment India

Please select your industry:

  Climbing rope manufacturers in India (Heavy duty bartacking machine)

dot  Safety harnesses manufacturers in India (Automatic sewing machine)

dot  Cargo lashing belt manufacturers in India(Automatic sewing machine)

dot  Indian lifting sling manufacturers (Heavy duty cutting, sewing machine)

dot  Indian sofa manufacturers (Thick thread decorative stitching machine)

dot  Saddlery manufacturers in India (Heavy duty leather sewing machine)

dot  Leather goods manufacturers in india (Upholstery sewing machines)

dot   Military gear manufacturers in india (Military sewing machines)


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