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Production of big-bags (also known as FIBC bags or jumbo bags) is a complex process. The container itself might look simple: it is built just of four walls, sometimes supplemented with infeed and outfeed spouts allowing to fill the bag or discharge it.

In real life however we see clearly that even though the bag might look simple, the expectations of end-users grow every day, since they want to fill the containers with more and more expensive products, thus the FIBCs have to be built in a more and more advance way.

We also note that a significant number of customers are searching for machines not only to make the production process more automatic, but also to lower the production costs (reducing number of employees).

Therefore our goal is to deliver to our customers, big-bag manufacturers, machines typically connected with big-bag production, such as sewing heads, but also more completed solutions, allowing them to manufacture such components of big-bags as polypropylene tape, which might be used for production of fabric, as well as PE foil, used for manufacturing of liners.

HIGHTEX came to the conclusion that it must give a possibility to its customers to have a constant grow of production potential.

Regardless of it is big-bag sewing, production of components of big-bags or preparation of foil for liners, we are able to supply the appropriate solution delivered by market leader in production of the machines.

It is our main goal to fulfill the expectations of our customers and we strongly believe that we will be able to deliver them solutions allowing them to enhance their production potential.

Hightex 80700CD1H Bag Making Sewing Machines, FIBC Bag Sewing Machines in Azerbaijan
80700 sewing machines are designed for sewing in the top cover of big-bags, as well as filling and outlet spouts. Their construction allows stopping the sewing operation both when needle is in the material or in top position (with simultaneous presser foot lift), thus allowing the operator angular sewing.

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Hightex 81300 Bulk bag sewing machine for sewing FIBC and Big Bag in Azerbaijan
Overlock + Chain (Safety) Stitch Sewing Machine with one-two needles. It is used at side body sewing, lower leg, upper leg and cover sewing. Equipped with thread chain cutter. Deomo with guides for filler cord from the top and / or from below for sealing the needle punctures of the left needle.

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Hightex GLK7367-6050 Wide area pattern sewing machine perfect for sewing Big Bags and attaching belts to container bags in Azerbaijan

This is specialized automatic sewing machine for stitching lifting belts to Big Bags (FIBC). Free programmable, so you can create any sewing pattern (for example X-Box, double W etc.) to meet customer's requirements. The custom made large sewing area 600 mm (Y- axis) x 500 mm(X- axis) allow sewing machine bed insert into body of Big bag / container bags. Equipped with largest horizontal axis hook and extra large capacity bobbin (6 times).

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Hightex 7367 heavy duty universal lock stitch sewing machine for making Big Bag (FIBCs):
Its features a "free sewing" capability that allows the operator to sew in any direction, allows effective jobs for belt attaching on a container bag, enforcement belt sewing, sling belt , large size parts sewing and so on.

Typical applications of sewing Big Bag / Jumbo bags:
1. Making side seams on heavy weight fabrics with thick thread, and all other LOCKSTITCH seams on body of container bags;
2. Assembling layers of PP webbing together for making lifting loops (container belts) of Big Bag, with various reinforced seams, such as X-Box;
3. Sewing and attaching side seam loops or cross corner loops (container belts) by reinforced stitching;
4. Inserting top covers and attaching filler cord and discharging tubes with cords from the too and/or from below for sealing the left needle punctures;
5. 3-D spacer fabric construction: stitch layers of spacer fabrics together with thickness up to 18 mm;
6. Use as FIBC bag repair machine for patch and mend jute sacks, Polypropylene (PP) Big Bags, Container Bags, tents and awnings.

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Hightex 72600 FIBC sewing machine for sewing loop of big bag:

heavy duty high speed "free stitch" sewing machine designed for attaching loops (lifting belts, handles) of Jumbo bags and Big bag. One of the hallmark features of the 72600 is that it features a "free sewing" capability that allows the operator to sew in any direction free of the control of the walking foot, so you can sew zigzags,circles, squares, scalloped patterns any other arbitrary "pattern" with ease, when sewing straps (handles) of Big Bag /container bags.

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