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  Heavy duty cylinder bed leather sewing machine in USA

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dot Heavy duty zigzag sewing machine for sail & canvas USA

dot  Long arm heavy duty industrial sewing machines in USA

dot  Heavy duty industrial upholstery sewing machine in USA

dot  Heavy duty programmable pattern sewing machine USA

dot  Heavy duty automatic webbing hot cutting machine USA

dot  Heavy duty leather die cutting & skiving machines in USA

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dot  Custom sewing automation for heavy duty applications

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You move in the areas of production and face the challenges of productivity and profitability? We offer the best industrial sewing machine to increase the effectiveness of your manufacturing processes. Results? A lower cost of production, reduction of work accidents, better ergonomics of workstations and maintenance of simpler equipment. What could be better?

Our custom made industrial sewing machine and automation equipment increase speed and efficiency, save our customers time and money. Our design ideas are based on a "One-Worker-Multiple-Machine" concept that allow one person to run 2, 3, or 4 machines simultaneously.

Do you have individual requirements (Whether large-area workpieces, difficult to-sew materials, special demands on quality and precision of the sewn result) which your existing machines are not sufficient?

Our engineers and technicians will find the custom built solutions for every problem. An essential benefit of our custom sewing machines and devices is that it guarantees consistently high seam quality, and eliminates human error.

We have in-house applications department to design and manufacture special attachment to meet specific sewing requirements.

These custom industrial sewing machine and automation equipment is the product of our world class design and engineering team. These systems represent the dedication to service and quality you've come to expect from HIGHTEX.

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