Which heavy duty industrial sewing machine is best for stitching webbing lifting slings and rigging slings

Want to start your own manufacturing business of webbing lifting slings and rigging slings?
Need to expand your production capacity and improve seam quality?
What heavy duty industrial sewing machine would best meet your needs?

It is very important to choose right industrial sewing equipment suitable for your production. Please let your technicians or engineers read this guide carefully before ordering machine.

Many end users interchange nylon and polyester, there are differences in performance, stretching, etc. but sewing polyester web slings is similar to nylon web slings. Generally there are two type industrial sewing machines used in manufacturing of synthetic slings & straps made of Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene: (1) heavy weight industrial straight stitch machines for assembly layers of flat webbing together; (2) heavy duty automatic progammable pattern sewing machine for reinforcement stitches.

Heavy duty straight industrial sewing machines also can perform reinforcement stitches by manually move webbing, especially the reinforced eyes (Click here for DEMO video on YouTube ).

Now let us guide you to select a proper heavy duty industrial sewing machine for your production of flat webbing slings.


Sewing thickness is the first point you need to consider when select sewing machine. It determined by height of presser foot lift, hook type, needle bar stroke, needle penetration force and thread tension, etc. In the productions of normal Nylon or Polyester flat webbing slings, we recommend below sewing capacity.
HighTex #7367CS: max sewing thickness 11mm, ideal for 2-3 ply webbing with each of 3.5mm
HighTex #7243CS: max sewing thickness 14mm, ideal for 2-4 ply webbing with each of 3.5mm
HighTex #204-370CS: max sewing thickness 18mm, ideal for 2-5 ply webbing with each of 3.5mm
HighTex #733CS: max sewing thickness 28mm, ideal for 6-8 ply webbing with each of 3.5mm
 (Note: above recommendation base on optimal stitch formation.)


Light weight industrial sewing machines usually have small rogary hook, needle and normal thread taking mechanism that cannot sew with thick thread. Heavy duty industrial sewing machines usually have big shuttle hook, needle and strong thread taking mechanis that can sew with very thick thread. So you should consider both bobbin capacity (bigger bobbin reduce time of changing bottom thread) and the max. sewing thread that machine can process:

7367CS max. sewing thread: Metric #8,V346, T-350,1100Dx3
7243CS max. sewing thread: Metric #7, V415, T-400, 1300Dx3
204-370CS max. sewing thread: Metric #7, V415, T-400, 1300Dx3
733CS max. sewing thread: Metric size #4, V693, 2000Dx3

The thread size must match up needle size. If you are to sew webbing slings and straps with different size of thread, it is better purchase different size of needles, together with machines. 


Sewing speed biggest concern for customers buying their sewing equipment. Basically heavier industrial sewing machines run at slower speed, ligher weigth sewing machine can run at higher speed. So it is better to choose a highest speed automatic sewing machine that can sew the thickness of your webbing lifting slings.

7367CS max. sewing speed: 1200RPM
7243CS max. sewing speed:800RPM
204-370CS max. sewing speed: 800RPM
733CS max. sewing speed:700RPM

All heavy duty industrial sewing machines are big whick always have large working area under the arm (over 300mm length to the right of the needle), the width of webbing is no challenge. But wide flat webbing is usually for manufacturing extra heavy duty webbing lifting slings, for example 240mm and 300 wide webbing slings are for the production of 10 Ton (10000Kg) to 30Ton flat webbing slings. These lifting slings are very heavy in weight, you must have a big industrial sewing machine that has very strong feeding mechanism. HighTex 733CS is the strongest industrial webbing sewing machine in today market (Click here for DEMO video on YouTube ), so for over 200mm wide webbing slings, 733CS is the premium choice equipment.

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