New 733 Shuttle Hook with shaft for pre-wound bobbins

HIGHTEX #HSH-7-9 is new Long-beak oscillating shuttle hook for 733 class extra heavy duty industrial sewing machine

Compare to regular Koban KSP7-31 or Hirose HSH-7-3 Shuttle Hook, the advantage is the inner shaft that make sure bobbins evenly run inside the hook.

The shaft of shuttle hook is also necessary if you use prewound bobbins (pre-wound bobbins wound on industrial bobbin winders that control the wind angle, tension, and precision of the wind).

This long-beak oscillating shuttle hook is suitable for below heavy duty sewing machines:

Singer 733 class, parts number: #58669
Seiko SLH-2B and SLH-2B-FH-1H, parts number: #35224
Hightex 733, parts number: #HSH-7-9
Consew model 733R-5, parts number: #35224
Durkopp Adler 120, Parts #120-15-018-4
Global WF 920 XLH, parts number: HH530F7101


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