CB4500 The best sale heavy duty leather sewing
machine for saddle makers, harness makers and
leather goods manufacturers

Saddle and Harness Sewing Machine
Saddle Sewing Machine
Titanium Nitride coating hook

HT-SP02 Ball Bearing Speed Reducer
Precision step-by step stitching

Your advantages:

1. Most importantly, critical areas have been given a golden coating of Titanium Nitride, the super hard ceramic finish. Titanium Nitride coatings allow the parts to last up to 3 times longer than normal;

2. The compound feed mechanism of this machine features a feed dog, walking foot, and needle feed that all work in unison to insure feeding of the most difficult materials with ease;

3. The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 25mm, allowing for a large range of extra heavy weight material or bulky items to be used;

4. The special extra large Barrel shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offers high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to metric size 7* (=V415, 1300dX3 or T-400);

5. This leather stitching machine features a heavy duty cylinder arm shape which helps in the production of 3-dimensional items;

6. Special flatbed tabletop attachment available that allows the cylinder arm sewing surface to be converted to a flat sewing surface to allow for better stitching with certain types of work;

7. The 12 inch Mega Flywheel of this saddle and harness sewing machine is to create more torque for very hard and rigid leather for saddle makers and harness makers.


This leather sewing machine has become the standard in the saddle and harness industry. It has been widely used for stitching bullet loops, saddle skirts, headstalls, halters, breatstcollars, holsters, knife sheaths, chaps, knee pads, covered stirrups, gun belts, cases and other leather crafts.
The machine can also be used to sew sofa and armchairs, shoes, car mats, leather belts, luggage, suitcases, heavy hand bags, lifting slings, safety harness, briefcases, and the like.

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Max. Sewing Speed:

800 rpm

Hook Type:

HAD-204 Barrel Shuttle Hook

Presser Foot Lift:


Needle bar stroke:

56 mm

Needle System:

794 S leather point needle, #160-#280

Max. Thread size

#7, V415, 1300dX3, T-400

Stitch Length:


Bobbin size:

Outside Dia. 24mm, Height 30.5mm

Take up stroke:

96 mm

Balance wheel Dia.:

12 inches

Working space:

420mm (length) x190mm( High)

Recommended motor:

Minimum 0.75 kW

Packing size:

790x450x570 MM



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