2020: Buy land in China and build a new factory premises to cope with increasing demands

2016: Cooperate with University of Stuttgart, Robot sewing machine for constructs pavilion

2014: Set European Distribution Office in Germany

2008: Star to produce heavy duty automatic & programmable sewing machines and hot knife cutting equipment for other heavy weight applications, for example, lifting & lashing equipment, FIBC/Big Bags, safety harness and climbing ropes, upholstered furniture, as well as military industry

2006: Establish Sino-American joint-venture company “TAIZHOU MINGYUAN HIGHTEX SPECIAL SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD”, to produce leather sewing machine and leather crafting equipment

2004: Set oversea company in China, to import heavy duty leather stitching machines, cutting machines and non-apperal automatic sewing machines

2001: Start to resale industrial sewing machines and support equipment for the leather and heavy material industries, become the factory-authorized distributor of Consew, Tacony™ Corporation, Superior™ Sewing Machine Parts, Diamond Needle Corporation, Organ Needles, Groz Beckert Needles, Southern Thread™ and Linhanyl Thread

1996: Founding of the Neel's Saddlery and Harness – use several industrial sewing machines and leather crafting equipment for stitching saddles, harness, leather belts, hand bags etc. This hands-on experience is the foundation stone of success in CowBoy / Hightex sewing machine business.

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