Industrial leather sewing machine South Africa

We honored for over 15 years of dedicated service to saddlery sewing machines

Thanks for the great support from Mr. Daryl, we can have inventory of leather sewing machines in South Africa. South African saddlery and leather goods manufacturers can test, experience and purchase Hightex (CowBoy) series heavy duty industrial leather sewing machine in Cape Town (

CowBoy OUTLAW Manual leather sewing machine for sheaths, holster and leather crafts

This affordable hand crank leather sewing machine is an economical alternative to heavy duty motor industrial sewing machines for gun holsters making, knife sheaths, leather bags, leather belts and manufacturers of harnesses. Designed to provide years of dependable trouble free operation, the OUTLAW is destined to become a mainstay in your arsenal of leather working tools.
It is also the best leather sewing machine for the beginners.

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CowBoy CB4500 Heavy duty saddlery sewing machine

The CowBoy CB4500 is our number one selling heavy duty saddlery sewing machine. The leather sewing machine features an extra large barrel style shuttle hook which is the same hook used in the Durkopp Adler 205-370 and Juki TSC-441. This leather stitcher features a compound feed design with triple feed. The presser foot lift of the machine is about 1 inch and the machine is capable of sewing most materials up to a maximum sewable thickness of 3/4"-7/8".
A full array of attachments are available for saddle maker, harness makers and leather holster makers.

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CowBoy CB3200 Low cost leather sewing machine for saddle maker and leather craftsman

We are pleased to introduce the latest model in the cowboy sewing machines lineup --the CowBoy model CB-3200 compound feed walking foot saddle and harness stitcher. This machine is the lowest cost heavy duty compound feed saddle and harness stitcher offered in the market today.

Your advantages:
1. The lowest cost heavy duty leather stitcher;
2. Triple feed mechanism with walking foot, needle feed, and feed dog;
3. 5/8" inch presser foot lift;
4. Large Barrel shuttle hook for heavy leather and thick thread.

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7618 Heavy duty compound feed walking foot leather and upholstery sewing machine

7618 is specially designed for use on medium/heavy weight leather and fabrics. For example leather accessories, leatherwear, upholstery and shoes. Suitable for standard sewing work on leatherware, bags and leather crafts; Binding of shoes and leatherware with leather, imitation leather or textile tape; Piping work on bags, suitcases and upholstery.

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71008R Heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine:

Heavy duty rope end bar-tacking machine for manufacturing climbing ropes, safety ropes, harness, sterling ropes, cord, industrial ropes, climbing gear, mooring rope, rigging rope and other fiber ropes. It is capable of stitching 2 ropes together with each of 6-18 mm(diameter).

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This rope stitching machine purchased by climbing rope manufacturer in South Africa, through Highthex industrial sewing machine dealer in Cape Town, SA.

71008S Heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine for slings and harness:

The first generation of extra heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine and bar tacking machine was born in 2006 - flexible for the manufacture of slings, belts, harnesses and ropes made of Nylon and Polyester, for industries such as cargo lifting and lashing, fire and rescue, safety & protection, arborist, automotive, aviation, marine and military.

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This heavy sewing automation is purchased by safety harness manufacturer in Johannesburg, through Highthex industrial sewing machine dealer in Cape Town, SA.

72008 Heavy duty programmable electronic sewing machine for sling and harness:

Applications of 72008 class extra heavy duty programmable pattern sewing machine cover all productions of synthetic slings made of Nylon and Polyester, for industries such as cargo lifting and lashing, fire and rescue, safety & protection, automotive, aviation and military.

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This heavy duty automatic sling sewing machine purchased by an leading manufacturer of fall protection systems, height safety gear & fall arrest equipment in Midrand, South Africa.

728-30 Heavy duty long arm triple feed sewing machine for tents, tarps and truck covers:

Two needle extra heavy duty long arm compound feed industrial sewing machine with puller feed (optional). The long and wide working space is suitable for sizable materials such as tents, tarpaulins, truck covers, parachute, sails and canvas sheeting etc. By removing one needle and bobbin, the machine will perform excellently as a single needle machine. This gives the parachute rigger and tents manufacturer two machines for the price and space of one.

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This heavy duty long arm sewing machine ordered by a manufacturer of tents, through Highthex industrial sewing machine dealer in Cape Town, South Africa.

204-370 Heavy duty triple feed webbing slings sewing machine:

Extra heavy duty triple transportation (walking foot and compound feed) lock stitch sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle hook, ideal for stitching 2-5 ply Nylon or Polyester slings in the production of heavy duty lifting slings, cargo lashing straps, safety harness and other synthetic webbing products.

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This webbing sewing machine ordered by a lifting sling manufacturer in South Africa, through Highthex industrial sewing machine dealer in Cape Town, SA.

Kinedyne HM-750L Revolutionary new powerful servo motor for heavy duty leather sewing machine

Achieve fully adjustable speed control with this low cost but reliable servo motor. Speed is adjustable by a simple setting that allowing you to slow down your machine and sew STITCH BY STITCH. The world's most powerful "low-speed, high-torque", silent & reliable servo motor that is able to maintain full power and high torque even at low speed.

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S700 Hot air PVC welding machine for inflatable product:

Hot air welding machine is rotary hot air sealing machine to join thermoplastic fabrics and industrial fabrics, such as: PVC, PU, PE etc. Ideal for manufacturing inflatable boat, inflatable tents, pvc ventilation pipe, pvc duct pipe, inflatable castle, and inflatable advertising.

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This hot air inflatable welding machine purchased by a tents manufactured in Durban, through Highthex industrial sewing machine dealer in Cape Town, SA.

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