Why buy a Cowboy Leather Sewing Machine?

1. Cowboy Sewing Machines has over 15 years of hands-on experience with the American leather sewing industry, we understand well the critical customer requirements. We have designed a full array of special sewing attachments for high productivity and perfect seam quality.

2. We have a full compliment of technicians and engineers, that understand all aspects of the machines. These techs have over 50 years combined experience in servicing these machines, as a result there are not many problems that we did not encounter. This insures that you get a properly tested, adjusted, and ready to run leather stitching machine out of the carton.

3. We have sold a lot of Cowboy Leather Sewing Machines to the United States and world markets. Please see our annual sales figures below:

United States: 600-700 sets (CB3200 and CB4500)
China: 200-300 sets
Germany: 100-120 sets
Australia: 100-120 sets

4. We are fortunate to work with world class clients, across a range of sectors both locally and globally. Below are some videos which have been provided by some of our clients:

click here for CowBoy CB4500 video on youtube

This video was taken by Mr. Bruce Cheaney, and accomplished saddlemaker and leathercrafter for over 40 years. Mr. Cheaney has constructed saddles for many famous persons throughout the world, as well as professional riders in all 50 states. Mr. Cheaney uses his Cowboy CB4500 harness stitcher to construct a variety of leather projects, from chaps to chinks, to belts and billfolds, and also saddles and harness.

click here for HIGHTEX CB4500 video on youtube

Here is an excellent video show the Cowboy CB4500 being used in a highly technical sewing application.
The Hightex CB4500 (CowBoy CB4500) is an excellent machine adaptable to a wide range of sewing projects. This video represents a special sewing project in collaboration with a major university to produce a robotic driven assisting device to hold and manipulate material for sewing on our CB4500. This robotic sewing machine provided by University of Stuttgart in Germany, see below pictures.

click here for HIGHTEX 205-370BF video on youtube

This video is from the leading Italian leather sofas and armchair manufacturer: Natuzzi. Their factories in China, Italy and Brazil are using over 30 sets 205-370 leather sewing machine for thick thread topstitching (decorative stitching seam) and 204-102MD ornamental stitching sewing machine.

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