Heavy duty special industrial sewing machine (FAQ)

What's our Vision and Core Values?

Being a leader in designing and manufacturing the best sewing technologies in the areas of the saddlery and leathercrafts, lifting slings and lashing straps, climbing ropes and safety harness, leather sofas and automotive upholstery, sails making and repairing, Container bag and Big Bag, as well as military gear, maintaining a high level of permanence to be identified as a symbol of excellence and economy.

It is necessary to anticipate the future and adapt to new challenges, as quickly as possible, compared to global market changes more frequent and unpredictable, not just intuition is necessary by the Company, but also the performance that allows the creation competitive in the short, medium and long term advantages.

Quality, Commitment, Honesty & Loyalty – our company values run at the heart of our approach, governing our actions and services. They were not idly chosen; we believe in them and we recognize each of them in the way we act both with each other and with those we support. Our specialist industry knowledge succeeds in building partnership based on respect and loyalty that stand the test of time.

HighTex was founded as a company that places quality over quantity. We concentrate almost exclusively on heavy duty cutting and sewing equipment, delivering top quality machines every time.
True to our founding principles, we are committed to delivering a high degree of excellence in all areas of our business endeavors.

Making a commitment is serious business and not something to be taken lightly. We are committed to being the best we can be. In order to achieve this, we place the customer at the center of everything we do. We fully commit to consistently delivering on expectations, go the extra mile to get the job done and give 100% in all that we do and approach everything with a “can do attitude”.

At HighTex we believe in the age old adage, "Honesty is the Best Policy". To uphold our pledge to honesty, we have the courage to ask for help and feedback when needed, are realistic about what we can and cannot do and are honest to clients, colleagues and ourselves. We place honesty at the foundation of all we do and it is the basis from where we build our relationships.

We are dedicated to building and maintaining loyal relationships with our external customers and internal colleagues. At HighTex we strive to be a loyal ambassador for our clients and candidates, work in a collaborative and co-operative manner, and treat others in a manner that we would wish to be treated. Ultimately we aren’t just building a company, we’re building a family. To that end we will always be loyal to one another and to our clients.

What's the difference between CowBoy and Hightex?

No difference between CowBoy and Hightex heavy duty industrial sewing machines, just with different brand!
CowBoy is old brand registered at China in 1996, then registered at United States in 2006. Today CowBoy mainly uses in North America.
HIGHTEX is new brand registered in 2006, except USA and Canada, machines in other markets are with HIGHTEX brand.

What is our competitive advantages (VS Germany sewing machine and Japanese sewing machine)?

1. For example Durkopp Adler industrial sewing machines, the working life of our heavy duty sewing machines is about 1/2 of Durkopp Adler machines, but our price is 1/4 to 1/10 of Durkopp Adler sewing machine;
2. You have to pay BIG money for the consumption of spare parts and wait for 3-4 months if you need a special parts from Durkopp Adler. But you will receive spare parts for our sewing equipment within 1 week at very low cost.

What is our competitive advantages (VS other Chinese sewing machine)?

1. Check out the others and see if they can match our high standards for design, reliability and finish.
2. All our machines will be thoroughly tested, serviced, and inspected before delivery (Ready to Sew).
3. Twenty years of field experience allow us to provide custom-made industrial sewing equipment and sewing automation for heavy weight materials and thick sewing thread. These specialized industrial sewing machines will enable our clients to compete with other competitors, by offering high quality products at low prices.
4. We noted that some other Chinese companies are copying our ideas, products, even steal pictures and description from our website...Their machines look same to ours, but just looks same, the quality and performance are completely different. They know nothing about the critical technology. Please contact us for genuine HIGHTEX industrial sewing machine.

Do you have training program?

We do not offer on-site service for International Purchase, but all our machines will be thoroughly tested (Ready to Sew) and deliver by plywood crate, the users just need to connect with electric and air compressor (if the machines come with pneumatic system).
Our completely serviced sewing equipment is easy to use even for beginners! No technician required.
And all machines come with English instruction manual and training videos.

How about the reliability of these sewing equipment and repair service?

We get reliability by creating and building a thing that can do the duty, and preventing its failure during use.
Machines and equipment fail because their parts fail first, so all critical components of our industrial sewing equipment are made in Japan and Germany.
With 20 years of field experience, we supply a special system that the operator can find the failure in a few minutes, without call the technical, without loss of time and money!

What's the warranty?

All our heavy duty industrial sewing machines come with 7 years of quality guarantee. This warranty does not cover high mortality spare parts such as: needles, bobbins, belts, bobbin cases, rotating hooks, shuttle hook, needle plates, feed dog, tension springs, needle bars, blades, knives, take-up levers, thread guides and motor.

Where can get spare parts for these special sewing machines?

We realize how critical it is to keep your machine running. Let's face it, equipment breaks and machines malfunction. The key objective in a manufacturing environment is to minimize unplanned downtime. Our engineers develop Spare Parts Package (optional) that can support your machines for 5-7 years. You can purchase this spare parts package together with machine if you cannot wait one week for replacement parts.
Additionally, the parts (except custom made industrial sewing machine) of our industrial sewing machines are interchangeable with Durkopp Adler, Juki, Seiko, Pfaff and Union Special etc., you can purchase replacement parts from these sewing machine dealers.

Do you sell spare parts for these special sewing machines?

Yes, except spare parts for service after sale, we also offer replacement parts, sewing attachments and accessories to other heavy duty industrial sewing machines, included Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, Singer, Seiko, Mitsubishi, Juki, Union Special, Golden Wheel, New Long and MAMMUT (long arm quilting machines).

Where can purchase the heavy sewing equipment?

We have sale partners/distributors/dealers in United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia and Tunisia. You can purchase standard heavy duty industrial sewing machines from your nearest HIGHTEX facility.
For the custom made industrial sewing equipment and Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machines, you can buy from China directly (loading port: Ningbo or Shanghai, China).

Why need custom made sewing equipment?

If the sewing machines existing in market are not sufficient for your individual sewing requirements (Whether large-area workpieces, difficult to-sew materials, special demands on quality and precision of the sewn result), you may need a custom made sewing equipment. Custom industrial sewing machines and devices can guarantees consistently high seam quality, and greatly improve productivity. In many case, one worker can operate 2-3 custom automated sewing units at same time.

How to pay?

Small parts order (less $1000.00 USD): Western Union or PayPal.
Small machine order (less $2000.00 USD), 100% T/T in advance (Telegraphic transfer);
Medium size order ($2000-$9999.00 USD), 100% T/T in advance or 50% T/T in advance and balance again copy of B/L (an additional $20.00 will be charged for bank fee).
Big order (over $1000.00 USD), 50% T/T in advance and balance again copy of B/L or Irrevocable L/C at sight is acceptable.

Delivery time?

Usually we have machines in stock, just need one week to install, test, service and pack with large plywood crate (Ready to operate). Plus 2 days for transportation to loading port (Ningbo or China), and 3-4 days for process Customs Declaration, total two weeks after payment, your machines will be on the vessel.
Custom made industrial sewing equipment or sewing automation will take 2-6 months even more, and you need to send material sample to our Industrial Sewing Application Center for testing.

Is marine cargo insurance necessary?

All our industrial sewing machines are fully protected by very heavy foam and pallet. The custom made sewing unit and automation sewing equipment are protected by very strong plywood crate. But because of the many dangers inherent in shipping, we strongly suggest buyingAll Risk Coverage Insurance for your cargo, if the term is FOB.
We buy All Risk Coverage insurance for all CIF orders.

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