Best Price Bonded Nylon Thread for Sewing Leather & Upholstery

HigTex N66 Heavy duty Nylon thread is designed for heavy-weight sewing applications, it is the popular choice to use when stitching upholstery, leather, vinyl, canvas, webbing and other heavy fabric. It is stronger and has a higher heat tolerance than regular Nylon threads. The bonding agent which coats the N66 fibers give this thread added strength and reduces friction at the needle resulting in smooth stitches. The advantages of bonded thread:

1. Bonded thread is slightly stiff and cuts very cleanly, making needle threading easy;
2. Bonded thread has a smooth, uniform surface for consistency in stitch formation;
3. Plies are picked up as a group by the hook for good loop formation;
4. Higher sewing speeds are possible with a protective layer formed by the bond between the thread and the sewing machine contact surfaces;
5. Bonded nylon helps prevent thread from fraying;
6. Additional thread properties like added UV protection and non-wicking can be added in the bonded thread manufacturing step.

HighTex premium bonded nylon thread widely used in manufacturing of furniture upholstery (leather sofas and armchair), car upholstery, automotive interiors, shoes & footwear, leather bag & backpack, wallets, handbags, leather belts & luggage, saddlery (knife sheath, holster, saddles, harness, bridles, handcrafted belts).

HighTex N66 extra strong sewing threads are made according to the highest quality standards but with affordable price. If your desire is a top quality thread with the best of stitching properties, then Pre-Lubricated Bonded Nylon threads are the only choice. Great for hand sewing too!!


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