The major difference between MLK500-2516 and MLK500-2516ECO automatic cargo straps sewing machines

HighTex MLK500-2516 is a specialized automatic sewing machine for the manufacturer of cargo lashing strap & ratchet tie down. The advantage is THE MACHINE CAN CONTINUE WORKING WITHOUT STOP, and TWO WORKERS CAN OPERATE 3 MACHINES AT SAME TIME, GREAT FOR REDUCING LABOR COSTS.

HighTex MLK500-2516ECO is the best selling universal sewing machine for cargo lashing belts and rachet straps, the advantage is LOWER COST & FLEXIBILITY (can stitch all sizes of cargo straps within 250x160mm sewing area).

Below is the major difference between MLK500-2516 and MLK500-2516ECO automatic cargo straps sewing machines:

1. MLK500-2516 is equipped with heavy Aluminum cabinet that greatly reduce vibration (see below left picture), MLK500-2516ECO is equipped with regular stand (see below rigth picture).

2. MLK500-2516 is equipped with Quick-Change Clamp that allow to sew 2 ratchet straps at once. The metal ratchet & hooks and webbing must be Pre-installed/Pre-load and exact fit to the clamp (see below left picture), so if you are to sew different sizes ratchet straps, you need to buy 2 clamps for each size of ratchet strap: one on machine for sewing, another on table for pre-installation the material, see below right picture.Thus the machine can continue working without stop (waiting for loading material).

MLK500-2516ECO is equipped with universal clamp (see below TOP LEFT picture), the sewing length of upper clamp is adjustable (move right & left pressing frame in groove to change the sewing length, see below TOP RIGHT picture). Then you need to accordingly adust the lower clamp by changing bottom plate, the the length of Cutout should be same to the length of upper clamp (see below BOTTOM LEFT picture). Each machine standard supplied with 3 spare plates without Cutout (see below BOTTOM RIGHT picture), you can make a shape Cutout according to the size of your cargo strap. So each MLK500-2516ECO can sew 4 different sizes of lashing belts. If you need to sew more sizes, just purchase more spare plates, this parts is very cheap!

3. MLK500-2516 is specialized automatic sewing machine for large manufacturer of lashing strap & ratchet tie down. Two workers can operate 3 machines at same time (can save 30% labor cost): one worker for pre-installation material, another worker for operating the machines. Even only have one machine, it can save 30% time, because the machine can continuous working (zero-downtime), please look at below video for better understanding.
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MLK500-2516ECO is affordable high speed autoamtic sewing machine for small manufacturer of ratchet straps & lashings. Just with one machine, you can produce all types / sizes cargo straps from 25mm, 35mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, please look at below video from YouTube.
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Note: the max. sewing length of both MLK500-2516 and MLK500-2516ECO is 250mm, if the sewing length of your lashing strap is over 250mm (see below picture), you need to purchase larger area pattern sewing machine, such as HighTex MLK500-3520, please look at below video from YouTube.

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