7 best heavy duty industrial sewing machine brands (manufacturers) in today market

A wide variety of heavy duty industrial sewing machine brands can be found around the world today because of the continued success of these fantastic products. It is for this reason that in each country there may be a dozen or more top-level distributors of industrial sewing machines, added to the already traditional brands that dominate the world market. For this reason, it is always good to know which are these brands of industrial sewing machines in order to make a good decision at the same time that you are about to acquire said artifact.

But it is very difficult to find a good professional who knows heavy duty industrial sewing machines, so I will tell you a little about the most common brands.

Durkopp Adler is the leading German manufacturer of industrial sewing machine for heavy materials. Typical models: Durkopp Adler 204-370, Durkopp Adler 205-370, Durkopp Adler 366-76-12HM, Durkopp Adler 867, Durkopp Adler 868, etc.

Pfaff is one of the most recognized brands in the world of sewing, when we talk about pfaff we not only think of great quality but also a long tradition, this company was established in Germany. Typical models: Pfaff 335, Pfaff 1245, Pfaff 591, etc.

Juki is a Japanese manufacturer of heavy duty industrial sewing machines and based in Japan. Typical models Juki TNU-243, Juki TSC-441, Juki LG-158, Juki AMS-210EN, etc.

Mitsubishi is an industry leader in garment automation, sewing equipment is designed for light to heavy applications in the garment, leather and automotive industries. Typical models Mitsubishi LU2-4400-BOB, Mitsubishi LU2-4420-BOB, Mitsubishi PLK-B3040, Mitsubishi PLK-B1008H, Mitsubishi PLK-E1008H, Mitsubishi PLK-E2008-H, etc.

HighTex is a joint venture by Neel's company (American) dedicated to the development and implementation of the manufacture of heavy duty industrial sewing machines and heavy duty automatic sewing machines. Typical models CowBoy CB3200, CowBoy CB4500, OUTLAW, 733, 71008R, MLK500-2516, 7273PLK, 7273CNC, etc.

Seiko is a Japanese company dedicated to producing high quality industrial sewing machines for heavy duty sewing. Typical models: Seiko SLH-2B-FH-1, Seiko JW-28BL-30, Seiko SKZ-6, Seiko SAM-21, etc.

Union Special is the oldest, largest and longest-lasting industrial sewing machine manufacturing company in the United States, producing 'best quality' sewing machines for Maxi Bags, Polypropylene Bags, Big Bags, Jumbo Bags. : Union Special 80700 CD4, Union Special 81300A, Union Special 81500, etc

One of the easiest ways to know this is through a consultation with a specialist in the field, who will be able to inform you about what are the strengths of each brand and what are its weaknesses, which brand is the one that manufactures the best models for the industry and many other questions. Once the information has been compiled, it can be compared and thus choose the best alternative that suits each particular need, be it from the economic to the benefits. However, we must bear in mind that even the best brands of industrial sewing machines can manufacture models that are not up to the task, that is, that do not work as they were supposed to.

In practice, a national or international first level brand has more possibilities of manufacturing an excellent product than a second or third order brand. Unfortunately, on many occasions it often happens that world-renowned industrial sewing machine brands offer models that have a high economic cost, an issue that obviously becomes a hindrance especially for those people who have recently opened a small workshop. This situation, therefore, leads many clients to turn to the best quality alternatives, with the consequent risks that this entails. What exactly is an industrial sewing machine? Basically an industrial sewing machine is a mechanical device or also classified as electromechanical, which is used to join different types of fabrics using a certain thread specially created for this purpose.

Particularities of the different brands of industrial sewing machines for heavy materials?

The different brands of industrial sewing machines are responsible for specifying what type of model it is, what are the stitches that can eventually be used and what is its performance; All these questions are extremely useful for people who wish to acquire a certain model but do not know if they are suitable for the task for which it is going to be used. Industrial sewing machines for heavy materials can make a wide variety of different stitches, with equally dissimilar patterns that can be configured to suit the person handling the appliance.

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