Sewn sample and material testing for heavy duty industrial sewing machine

In some cases, the sewing process is very complicated. The quality of the finished product depends on many factors raw material, thickness, thread size and type and fineness (linear density). If your sewing products are very special (non-standard), you need to send us some sewn samples and testing materials, so we can:

1. Select the best sewing equipment base on sewing quality and productivity (Light weight industrial sewing machine cannot sew thick materials, but heavier sewing machines are slower, we need to choose a strong sewing equipment that can easily sew your product at highest speed);

2. Analysis the sewing process, design the optimal sewing solution;

3. Build custom clamps or auxiliary device to increase production efficiency;

4. Pre-programme your sewing equipment (If you are to order heavy duty automatic patttern sewing machine), so you can use immediately upon receive it).

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When you send the sewn samples and testing adn material, please note:

1. Please send 1 sewn sample as reference (If you are to manufacture different, one of each);
2. Please send 1 coil sewing thread (used in your production), if you use different sizes for needle thread and bobbin thread, please send one of both);

3. Please send 10 to 30 sets raw materials for testing (We might need to over test for best sewing quality

4. Please show "Material samples" and "For custom only, no commercial value" in invoice, the invoice amount no more than $150 USD!!

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