7560N Two needle, Unison feed, Lockstitch Machine with
Vertical-axis large hook & automatic thread trimmer (-7)
ideal for stitching leather, canvas and upholstery

7560 best upholstery sewing machine
7510 upholstery sewing machine
Dual thread tension mechanism

7560N-7 upholstery sewing machine
Computerized machine with automatic thread trimmer

Your advantages:

1. The two-needle leather and upholstery sewing machine with a automatic thread trimmer offers basic performance that is ideally suited to sewing heavy materials;

2. The 7560N has a unique feature which allows the user to simply dial in the walk height of the walking foot. This prevents the walking foot from snagging on thicker material;

3. The machine's rectangular feeding motion promises the consistent feeding of materials of all thicknesses without stitch gathering;

4. The machine is equipped with an instantaneous changeover device for alternating the vertical movement amount of the walking foot and presser foot, which demonstrates its capability for processes involving sewing products with a lot of multi-layered portions;

5. The 2-needle type machine is equipped with a bottom-feed micro-adjustment mechanism with the needle feed amount fixed. This helps prevent irregular stitches which are free from pitch errors;

6. The high 16mm presser foot lift enables easy material handling for heavy sewing;

7. The 7560s maximum stitch length of 2 stitches per inch allows a broader range of uses, such as awnings and sacks.The stitch length is easily adjusted by the stitch dial.


For sewing medium to heavy weight materials such as upholstery fabrics, leather, vinyl, canvas, synthetics, laminated and coated products Suitable for sewing medium and heavy weight materials, such as leather sofas and armchair, fabric sofas, car seats, leather bags, automotive and marine upholstery, medical braces, handbags, suitcases, furniture, sporting goods, tents, awnings, FIBC container bags, Big Bags, Jumbo bags etc.


Max. Sewing Speed:

2500 rpm

Hook Type:

Double Capacity Hook with Auto Lubrication

Presser Foot Lift:


Needle bar stroke:

36 mm

Needle System:


Max. Thread size

#10 (=T-270, V277, 840dx3)

Stitch Length:


Bobbin size:

Outside Dia. 25.5mm, Height 10mm

Alternating vertical movement:


Take up stroke:

74.5 mm

Working space:

260mm (length) x110mm( High)

Feed action:

Complete Rectangular Feed

Packing size:

735X340X700MM, 60KGS


Centralized Oil Wick Lubrication (Automatic Hook Lubrication)

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