7461-37 Super-long cylinder-bed, 1-needle, lockstitch machine
with large shuttle-hook for extra heavy-weight materials
7411RL-37 Feed up the arm sewing machine for transverse seam

7164-37 Super long cylinder bed sewing machine
CB3500 leather stitching machine
Large Barrel shuttle hook

7164-37 long arm cylinder bed sewing machine
960mm super large clearance room under the arm

Your advantages:

1. The 7461-37 is the giant in the HighTex range of compound feed, cylinder arm, heavy duty machines (bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot feed);

2. The sewing machines cylinder shaped arm has been extended to give approximately 960mm clearance;

3. t is fitted with an extra large shuttle hook assembly (Adler 204 type) for use with heavy weight & extra heavy weight materials and threads;

4. The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 23mm, allowing for a large range of heavy & extra heavy weight material to be used;

5. Its powerful and steady feeding action enables you to sew multiple ply of heavy weight material with a true and even stitch;

6. A stitch length of up to 11mm is possible for decorative stitch and the machine has a reverse stitch lever as standard.


large tubular shapes, golf bags, luggage bags, tents, sails, parachutes, umbrellas, fishing gear, carrying bags, transportation equipment, sporting goods, handles of hand bags, baseball gloves, sports apparatus, safety bags, seat cushions, saddles, harnesses, filters, general leather, upholstery products and other items where extra heavy duty feeding is required


Max. Sewing Speed:

800 rpm

Hook Type:

HAD-204 Barrel Shuttle Hook

Presser Foot Lift:


Needle bar stroke:

56 mm

Needle System:

794 (DYx3) needle,-#230

Max. Thread size

#7, V415, 1300dX3, T-400

Stitch Length:


Bobbin size:

Outside Dia. 24mm, Height 30.5mm

Take up stroke:

96 mm

Tariff code (HS code):


Working space:

960mm (length) x190mm( High)


200-240V, 750W AC Servo motor

Packing size:




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