13-15 St Botolphs street, Colchester, Essex, UK
Postal code: CO2 7DU
Tel: 01206 563 955

AJ Franklin Sewing started in 1956 as a haberdashery and sewing machine repair shop and with the addition of a second generation, grew into AJ Franklin and Sons. Always looking for new products, Franklins Group Ltd was founded to import and wholesale products not sold in the UK. Now in its third Generation, is the heavy duty sewing division and still bringing new and exciting products into the country. is the sole distributor of Hightex products. Our decades of knowledge and our customer care means your designs can become a reality.

These highly specialised sewing machines are widely used in the manufacturing saddles & harness, sails manufacturing and repair, lifting slings and lashing straps, safety harness and ropes, buffing wheels and polishing wheels, shoes & footwear, sofas and automotive upholstery, carpet & rugs, inflatable products (hot air welding) and other sewn product manufacturers serving high-end industrial markets such as fire and rescue, cargo control, safety & protection, military equipment, automotive, aerospace, environment, medical devices and lots more.

OUTLAW hand stitcher leather sewing machine
CB3200 Heavy Leather Sewing Machine for Saddle and Harness
CB4500 Leather sewing machine for Harness and Saddle Makers
205-370 AE Saddlery sewing machine
205-370 CS Webbing strap sewing machine
205-370-40 Heavy duty cylinder arm triple feed sewing machine for stitching heavy leather and upholstery fabrics
CB6900 Medium to heavy duty cylinder bed compound feed leather sewing machine for handbags, shoes, belts, carpets and leather crafts
7335 Cylinder-bed unison feed leather sewing machine for industry and handmade leather goods
341 Heavy duty unison feed leather sewing machine
204-370 Heavy duty triple feed lockstitch sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle for extremely heavy materials and thick thread
733 Extra heavy duty drop feed and walking foot sewing machine for slings and harness
7510N 1-needle, unison-feed, lockstitch machine with vertical-axis large hook
74400 One needle unison feed leather and upholstery sewing machine
74420 Two needle unison feed leather and upholstery sewing machine
728-30 Twin needle long arm extra heavy duty lockstitch machine (thick thread)
MLK500-2516 Electronic pattern sewing machine for cargo lashing strap & ratchet tie down
MLK200-3020 Lowest Cost Automatic Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine for Leather, Webbing and Clothing
71008R Heavy duty automatic rope sewing machine to make sewn eye termination on Kernmantle rope
7273CNC/X High efficiency heavy duty pattern taker for sewing 2 ratchet tie down straps (lashing straps) at same time
MLK300 Programmable electronic pattern sewing machine with Direct Drive
7700P Programmable ornamental stitching machine with 2 needles for decorative seams in leather sofas, armchairs and car seat cover
801 Leather skiving machine
818 Belt and strap cutting machine
8116 Hand crank leather splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery
8020 Leather splitting machine
8160 Perforative Punch Press (Clicker Die Press)
8360 Manual clicker die cutting press with swing arm
8500 Hand operated hole punching machine for leather belt and strap
8700 Manual leather embossing machine with custom roller
806 Leather Splitter for handmade leather workshop and saddlery

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