Best sewing machine for leather handbags and purses

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CowBoy CB6900 is one of the best sewing machine for making leather bags and shoes, a full array of special sewing equipment are available for high productivity and perfect seam quality:

CB69M-01 Suspending edge guide (drop down guides): get stright stitches with a guide that flips up and out of the way when not in use - never needs removed.

HT-SP03 Box type Speed Reducer: give more torque and greater stitching control

CB69B-01Hevy duty leather binder attachment: it is simple and economical hevy duty binding attachment, for binding operation of leather cutting edges, in the production of leather hand bags, shoes, carpets and car rugs etc.
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CB69F-01 Special flat work table platform: allows the cylinder arm sewing surface to be converted to a flat sewing surface to allow for better stitching with certain types of work.


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